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Sea & Sea DX3000G Digital Camera from Sea & Sea

Sea & Sea DX3000G Digital Camera

  • Built-in macro mode with clear, crisp definition down to 1/2"
  • 3.24 mega pixel high resolution for quality prints up to 8x10
  • Connects to the Sea & Sea DX strobes with a trouble-free fiber optic sync cord

    Super fast auto focus and shutter, long lasting battery, and super close macro (focuses as close as 1 cm) makes the DX3000 system the choice for underwater digital photography. Wide angle can be achieved with the addition of the MX10 20mm lens. Add a Sea & Sea Digital Flash to make it a complete underwater system. High resolution 3.24-mega pixel for high quality prints up to 8X10. The DX3000 camera uses the new high speed Multi Media Card storage for fast recording of all images. This new media is available in sizes up to 256 MB (SD card). USB connectivity insures fast downloads to your personal computer. The DX3000 is also a great land camera for recording all your vacation fun. With its user friendly fully auto modes the DX 3000 camera can bring point and shoot digital to the whole family.

    Controls Include: Power, Mode, Menu, Shutter release, Thumbnail, Erase, Telephoto, Macro, Flash, Display, Quick preview

    Depth Rated to 195 Feet.

    Fiber optic cable ready (no chance of a flooded sync cord). The fiber optic sync port and internal flash cover allows the attachment of Sea & Sea digital ready strobes (YS-25, YS90DX). DX stay accepts all Sea arm models for strobe mounting.

    This is the new "G" series that has a faster starting time: 2.25 seconds, and faster flash recovery time, and the shutter time has been reduced to .14 seconds! No more pictures of a fishes butt! The "G" series also has audio recording for voice memo, or for video shots. It also uses an improved auto white balance feature for perfect color saturation on all your shots.

    Sea & Sea DX3000G Digital Camera - Cameras

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  • Sea & Sea DX3000G Digital Camera - Cameras - Sea & Sea

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