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Scubatoys Mesh Duffle Bag from ScubaToys

Scubatoys Mesh Duffle Bag

This mesh duffle bag is big enough to hold a complete set of gear, but small enough to fold up and pack inside your normal gear bag. Great as a boat bag and for holding equipment for dunking in the rinse bucket. It also comes with a zippered side pocket that is waterproof.

The bag measures about 2 and a half feet long, and over 12 inches in diameter. Got them in Black or Blue!

We normally sell these for $35.00, but since we covered them with blatant advertising for our web site, we'll give 'em to you for $19.95!

Scubatoys Mesh Duffle Bag - Bags


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Scubatoys Mesh Duffle Bag - Bags - ScubaToys

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