Open water through Instructor ratings, you can depend on us for excellence in training. Check out our different classes offered by clicking on the course titles to the left, or below.

Class room training is done in our store, and pool sessions are held in our indoor, heated pool. Having our own pool also allows us to let our customers get in extra pool time without any hassles. In fact, if you're taking a class here and buying your gear here... call our pool yours! Anytime it's free... it's free to you!

The destination for the Lake Weekend varies as we are always checking on visibility and lake conditions, but normally we do our check out dives in either Lake Travis in Austin, Possum Kingdom Lake west of Ft. Worth, Blue Lagoon in Huntsville, Athens Scuba Park in Athens, Texas, or Lake Murray in Oklahoma.

We also can set up your training for class room and pool work here, and your check out dives in the Caribbean - what we like to call a Certi-Vacation!

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