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To pump our air, we use a RIX oil-free compressor. True, it costs a little more, (actually a lot more!) than a standard oil compressor, but it assures that the air fills you get at 2 Dive 4 are the cleanest you will find!

In fact, the air goes through the same medical grade filters that our Nitrox does - before ever being compressed. This assures the cleanest - hydrocarbon free air for our customers.


Nitrox PanelThere are several ways to blend Nitrox, and we looked at all of them before deciding how we wanted to make nitrox for our customers.

We decided the best system was continuous blending of Nitrox with an oil-free compressor. This method gives extremely accurate mix percentages and has the added benefit of not having to use 02 clean tanks.

Traditional Nitrox filling has been accomplished by adding pure Oxygen to a tank, then topping it off with air, then rolling the tank to mix the gasses inside the tank. This method has several drawbacks.

Medical grade oxygen has a very high humidity content and unless this moisture is removed from the oxygen, a lot of moisture is introduced into your tank. This could cause rust in steel tanks, or aluminum oxide in aluminum tanks. Also, since pure 02 is being introduced into the tank under pressure, the tank has to be oxygen compatible - oxygen compatible o-rings, oxygen compatible lubricants, and cleaned of any hydrocarbons. This is a lengthy and costly procedure. Most shops charge at least $25.00 to clean a tank.

With continuous blending, this is not necessary. The gas is mixed before the compressor in a mixing chamber, then passed through several medical grade filters before it enters the compressor. Using the RIX oil-free compressor assures no introduction of oil or hydrocarbons to the mix, and it is then filtered again after the compressor before it is pumped into the tank.

If you have already taken a Nitrox class, you realize that you can use your standard regulator - because it never sees an oxygen percentage greater than 40%. Using continuous blending, the same is true for your tank.

Also with this method of blending, you don't have to drop off your tank and pick it up when the "blending guy" comes in. We can fill your tank on the spot and send you off to enjoy your dive!

If you have not taken a Nitrox course yet, we offer both NASE and TDI Nitrox courses every couple of weeks, so check the training area of our pages, or drop us a line. We'll tell you when the next Nitrox course is coming up! If you are Nitrox certified, stop on in and check out our fills - the first one is on us!!


Our service technicians are authorized to work on most regulator brands. Whether you own a Poseidon, TUSA, Zeagle, Beauchat, Sherwood, Dacor, or virtually any other brand of regulator - we can perform your annual service, or fine tune it for you. We also do rebuilds on Spare Air.

We can also get your tank hydro or Visual Inspection for you - then fill it with clean Air or Nitrox.

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